Cunning pets talent guide

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Download Cunning pets talent guide

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Cunning pets are the most flexible of the three talent trees. Their talents focus on utility and mobility, which makes them especially valuable in PvP fights. But that

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cunning talent pets guide

Jun 26, 2014 - The other articles of our Survival Hunter guide can be accessed from the table of We recommend this Cunning pet talent specialisation. Jul 23, 2009 - That being the case, here's my crack at what seems to make sense for a either a 16 point or 20 point Cunning Pet talent build. Tier One. Jump to Tenacity - Tenacity. These talents can be used by the following pet family types: Bear, The tree is designed for boosting tanking ability, either forJust as before, a hunter pet can have Cunning, Ferocity, or Tenacity talents. When you tame a new pet, it will have the default talent spec for that family - the

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Attention: This guide is quite old as evidenced by the obsolete pet trees. . As far as builds go, the one pictured here is a good all-around spec for Cunning pets. Mar 9, 2011 - Silithid – Silithids are also cunning pets, with a ranged root, as well as PvP pet builds can vary depending upon your play style, but there are Dec 5, 2010 - This guide will detail the best dps spec for your cunning hunter pet for The poor guys have four fewer pet talents, so the least we can do is let Pets start earning talent points at level 20 and then gain a point every 4 levels. Each pet will have their own tree which will either be Cunning, Ferocity,

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